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Saturday, May 09, 2009

super scooper

The last two months have been, to put it literally, shitty. Penny has been having digestive issues ever since her spay and I have been on poop patrol.I figure I bore everyone around me enough talking about it that I don't need to go the extra mile and spread the word to the internerd as well.

We went to the vet on Tuesday and we're trying to rule out a few things before freaking out. He said to put her on the canned i/d again until she firms up and then try the i/d dry food. Thank goodness he only charged me for the cans because this shit is getting expensive. It's about 27 bucks for a case of the canned stuff which only feeds her for about four days. I have to feed her a bit extra right now to get her back to a healthy girl size. She was getting a bit ribby.

She does great on the canned food but I'm hoping she will do just as well on the dry. It's only the second day so I probably won't know for sure until Monday/Tuesday. She usually does well for 1-2 days and then it starts to go soft and just gets worse from there. I have the paperwork to back this up, no joke. You have to. So keep your fingers crossed that she can stay firm and we can keep her on the prescription dry food and at some point put her on a "normal" dry food. As long as she is healthy that is all I really care about, but I'm hoping we can get a little bit more on the affordable side of health in a month or two. Afterall, Mommy is only working 32 hours these days.

Penny isn't the only one to drop a few pounds, I did too. I am officially calling out 15 lbs since January. Even though I have a long way to go, I am really proud and excited. I know not too many people can really tell yet, other than a few close co-workers and my sister. I know that wearing older clothes that do not fit me the best isn't helping out. I have to start wearing some more fitted things and showing off a bit. I did work for it, I get to work it.


m said...

congratulations on the 15 pounds, it's tough to stay on track so good for you!

i've been having lots of issues with my dog, he's getting up there and it's getting to the point where i think i'm going to have to decide if i need to let him go. really bad decision to have to make.

k said...

Thanks! I really think it is mostly due to the dog, since that forces me to walk about 2 hours a day total. I want to kick it up a bit and I know I can still eat healthier, but I'm still psyched about what I've done in semi-lazy mode.

Aww, I'm sorry about your dog. We've never had to make the decision, well the two times we almost would have, they ended up passing the night before and decided for us I guess. Whether you let him go or he goes out on his own, it's still a heartbreaker. Hugs to you and yr baby.