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Friday, May 22, 2009

rules, schmules

I know a lot of people will tell you not to buy clothes you plan on fitting into later or to hold on to your "skinny" clothes in case, but I am glad I did the latter. It's going to save me some money over the next few months since I don't want to buy too much new clothes that will be too big for me a few months later. I have one of those under the bed boxes full of casual tops and tee shirts (mostly reis-related, shhhh). I only saved my faves and did toss out a lot of stuff before setting these gems aside. Like I said, it's mostly band shirts and a few thrift store numbers I can't quite give up yet, maybe when I am 35 or 40?

Last night before going to dinner I tried on some of them and they looked great, just like old times. My only new problem is that I do need to find some new bottoms to go with them. Most of the shirts end at my natural waist and my most recent go-to skirt is low rise and getting lower every day (need a belt-stat!). I am going to cruise old navy again because I remember seeing higher waisted skirts a while back. I have a really cute above the knee one, but I need to extend my tan and get over being thigh-shy. I did wear it this morning to the library, so that's a start.

I'm really proud of the progress I've made, especially since I haven't even begun to put forth a real effort. If I this is what I achieve by putting in the minimum, I can only imagine what I can do if I really put it down. Were it not for my four legged fitness partner, I doubt I would be walking so much. I have to thank her that and the amazing tan I am getting too! Since she is starting to do a bit better (thanks meds!) I will have to start planning some supplementary solo exercise in the weeks to come, mainly I want to add some weights and some shaping stuff. Of course when she is recovered we can extend our walks to what they used to be and resume jogging in the a.m. I can get back to cooking/planning better meals as well. I know I basically shoved everything else aside to take care of Penny, but I am glad I did.

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