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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

i should be reading

but on my first quiet day in some weeks i decided to rot my brain on the internet instead. it took me forever to finish a motivational book, which doesn't mean the book wasn't good, i just lost my, um...motivation. he's a great speaker, but it seems some of the spirit is lost when not transmitted via the proper medium.

i'm aiming to get back on track with reading and cooking and everything else now. lots of things fell to the wayside when i was caring for the pup. i still am/do, but in between feeding and walking there are some decent gaps to get other things done and i need to fall into them gaps. i cooked sunday and yesterday, easy repeat stuff like quinoa primavera and black and white bean soup. i took tonight off and had leftover taco mix over rice with some salad and fyh monterey jack on top. tomorrow i am cooking another repeat. let's see if i can ribbon brussel sprouts and slice tofu any faster this time. i am totally cheating with the brown rice too.

there are four or five books i've yet to start and need to finish since they're almost due. i'm not sure they're all renewable either so i definitely gotta get a move on. when i was little i would dump whatever fave stuffed animal i had as soon as i got a new one. i've noticed i still do that. i am throwing all the "boy" books aside to read lavinia greenlaw instead. even though i just got it and will have it for longer, i want to read it now (read in veruca salt: "i want an oompa loompa now deddy" voice), so i'm gonna.

p.s. mike tv is actually my fave character from that movie.

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