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Saturday, April 11, 2009

half the fun

for under forty bucks at the old navy i got a new denim skirt (above the knee-watch out!), an adorable polka dotted hooded sweatshirt and two bright easter egg-like
t-shirts, one pink and one yellow. score! i am feeling the spring colors and they look good on me now that i've got some color of my own. i'm not going to go completely clothes crazy since i shouldn't be spending a lot of money and also because i'm still under construction. i just get a top or two here and there so i don't get too bummed about not having a lot to work with when i'm working it.

by end of the month i think i'll have closed the deal on twenty pounds, which is really exciting. to say i'm not counting would be lying, i probably hop on and off the scale at least once a day but i don't put too much on it. i know you can lose/gain water really easily but it's just fun when you get a lower number that you know isn't totally real yet but it feels more in the realm of possibility than it might have a few weeks ago, since for that moment is it right in front of you.

when i was younger and starting to gain weight (maybe 8 or 9?) my mom would try to scare/nag me into losing weight by warning me i was "getting there". i know she wasn't saying it to hurt me, and it was probably coming from a caring place but it was also a little hard to swallow since no one in my family was then or is now, the picture of health. other than my sister i would say most of us are technically obese. there is always junk food in the house and we were never very active as a family. maybe if we had healthier options we would have turned out differently, but we're all adults now and control what we put in our mouths and whether or not we choose to get off our asses.

i am working really hard to change that in my own life and i can only hope that they will also start to make changes to take better care of themselves and each other. i have been trying to drag my mom and/or dad out with me for at least one of penny's walks a few times a week. i think my mom went about three times last week and my dad once. i know it can be tougher as you get older but it's really never too late to try. i still have long way to go to get to where i want to be, but i am sure as hell "getting there" this time.

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