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Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy (f)easter!

i think i started revving up for easter some time in mid february. i fell for the seasonal shopping trap of jumping from one holiday to the next in the blink of an eye. unfortunately by the time easter actually got here, nearly all of my interest was gone. i had been so excited to see family and keep our traditions alive even after my uncle had passed. i was eager to don my rabbit ears and give my niece a big basket of nonsense and bite the head off an organic dark chocolate easter bunny from sjaak's. i had even agreed at the last minute to join an easter morning soccer game my sister's boyfriend was planning. for whatever reason i just couldn't maintain the excitement and motivation i had earlier in the season.

last night i made a late trip to the grocery to get makings for bean salad since i could not show up empty handed. i think i stayed up until around two dragging it out since i was tired but also didn't want to rush it and ruin it. going to bed so late made me not want to get up to play soccer so i flaked out like a jerk. it sure was nice to sleep in though. i had breakfast and walked the dog, then started getting ready to head out, but not before putting a basket together and hiding some plastic carrots around the house for my niece.

as we rounded the corner of my uncle's street and started to see everyone's cars it all came back. there were so many people and so much food i think the first ten minutes or so were solid hugging/greeting time. we didn't have all of the original activities, but we still had an egg hunt for the kids, tug of war and my unfavorite, the raw egg toss. we used to also have sac race or three legged race but not for a few years now. one or both will be back next year according to my cousin. my niece found 29 eggs in the hunt, with a little help from my sister, her boyfriend and myself. i didn't last too long in the egg toss but at least i didn't get any egg matter on my outfit since our egg hit the fence. i was on the winning side of tug of war, but my one of my havianas lost on the second round. i was able to fix it, thank goodness.

for dinner we had a fast food feasting frenzy after forty days of abstaining. we had taco bell and pizza. i must admit it was disgustingly delightful. i also enjoyed my easter chocolate, perhaps a little too much. i had two rounds of peppermint tea and a long walk with the pup afterward since we missed the usual 4 o'clock park trip. i make sure she gets all her walks in, or rather that we get all of our walks in, sometimes they're just shuffled around.

it was a great day but i am glad it is over. i'm updating my playlist and i'm out. happy easter everyone.

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