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Friday, April 03, 2009

time machine

last night we partied like it was 1998. we technically don't "party" like we used to but we did play music, chat and enjoy alcoholic beverages. of course by now we have learned the lesson of quality vs. quantity. gone are the days of st. ide's special brew, schnapps or other poor choices of the twenties. there is no longer a need to keep up or get to a certain level. i don't know if it's so much that we have learned to be smarter/more cautious or just that our bodies won't let us. i only had two jameson rocks and i didn't get up until noon today. eleven years ago i would have had at least two more drinks, got up for work, did the damn thing and wanted to go out again the next night. for whatever reason, we are slightly more sober, but not somber. we still found plenty of time to act like fools, especially in front of cameras. it was good to see people we don't see too often, primarily for geographical reasons. the dog/child schedule can also be a factor at times, but that's a little more flexible. we make time for so many other things, we have to make time for fun too.

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