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Monday, March 02, 2009

rainy days and mondays

despite my best efforts at preparation, the rain either doesn't show up at all or waits until we are two blocks from home. it usually stops about ten minutes after we're home. we just have these fifteen minute bouts of rain and then nothing for a few more hours, total weather tease.

not that i'm complaining, we need the rain super bad and i'm ready to geek it up in some gear even though i am afraid my calves are too meaty for the boots i bought. mostly, it's the left one. it hasn't rained enough for me to test them out yet. by next winter this should be a non-issue as the kids say.

a week from today i'm dropping off ms. p to be spayed. it's a long time coming and i feel bad for not having done it sooner. i'm going to get a crate for her so she can stay inside for the first few days. i was going to get a used one if i could find it but i've decided to just buy a new one. part of the room rearrangement plan is to have space for her to hang out/sleepover from time to time. it will just push me harder to get it done sooner.

i have been a reading mofo, so proud of myself. many thanks to esme for making me get on the good foot with goodreads. i never read any of the lemony snicket books, but i'm going to check out daniel handler's other work after reading "Delmonico" in McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories. i have to re-read it before i return it at the end of the week. i want to be davis when i grow up.

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