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Friday, March 06, 2009

on the go

ms. penny and i are starting a new adventure, crate training! after much arguing with everyone about how tall she isn't, we let the measuring tape set them straight. i'll admit she always seems larger than she is but after spending so much time with her i've noticed she's really only about knee high to me and i'm not much taller than most grasshoppers. we got an intermediate sized crate at petsmart last night and i also got a bowl that can screw onto the side or door. it was really hard to not buy much else, but i had to focus on the essentials. plus i have to pay for her spay next week.

luckily i received one of the nine unemployment checks i'm expecting in the mail today. i know it's only for one day, but it was really starting to hit me. my reserves were depleted (other than the f.u. fund-which i refuse to touch unless absolutely necessary). i think i would have been okay if not for some unexpected animal expenses but having my girl at home is priceless.

the park was crazy this afternoon. the playground was a swarm of about twenty kids, lots of hot pink outfits, screaming and nonsense. it was awesome. the school next door was having recess as well so it was quite and uproar and ms. penny kept her cool. she was more interested in sniffing around the grass. as we rounded the corner there was a group of kids in their pj's who were taking an interest so we stopped and she sat for a few while they checked her out. kids love her. one of them said something like, "she has a dog, and a tattoo on her leg", thanks, i think.

i got home and made amazing breakfast, which was more like brunch, for me and my sister while watching six pack on cable. then i did laundry and rearranged my dresser drawers since it has been bothering me for a few weeks now. i'm trying really hard to get more organized/manage time better and i've been doing well, but there is a lot more to be done. crating the pup is going to push me to rearrange my room a lot faster which is great because that is long overdue. this is the most i've sat down all day, holla!

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