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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fix my brain

i don't know where my mind is this week. i've made three grocery runs since saturday and two out of three times i have left without buying the most important items on the list. i want to say its because the first two trips were on the fly and i usually plan the menu and list well before leaving, but i didn't even follow the shortlists i scribbled en route. last night i remembered everything for bean salad i wasn't planning on making and forgot spinach for dinner-luckily my dad was out and able to pick that up. tonight i started prepping and realized i had no brussel sprouts.

this morning i overslept by nearly an hour. i slept in the extra room so i didn't have my usual double alarm action. i hurried to dress, pack breakfast and lunch, barely making it to work on time. i figured i would tea up and rock out to my ipod. i would have, if i didn't leave it at home, along with my cell phone. i did remember the charger though.

i really bummed myself out since i have been doing so well with being on time and on track. i've been even more on point since adding lots of penny time into the mix. its an odd and somewhat embarassing coincidence that this lapse in discipline began shortly after dropping her off at the vet. good thing she is coming home tomorrow night.

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