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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


even though i am one of the worst catholics ever, i have been half-assedly observing lent for the past few years. i make a promise and keep it for the season but i don't go to church for ash wednesday or easter so that's where the half-assedness comes into play. technically though that's only not showing up for two days so maybe that is the easy part (oops, forgot all the weekly masses-it's been years). the tough part is not giving into temptation (if you're giving something up), or laziness (if you're striving do to more).

my sister and i usually make the same promise since it will be easier to keep if we have a support system. the first year was french fries, last year was all manner of potatoes and this year we've chosen fast food. since we don't go for fast food all that often, we're each adding another side promise of sorts. hers is no starbucks. we haven't decided on mine yet. she tried to say mine should be to take out the bathroom trash but i do, as well as the kitchen trash, eight times out of ten. we gotta think of something fast since whatever it will be was supposed to start today.

at lunchtime we went to dollar tree to get some huge socks and rice to make rice sock heating pads and we had to check out the easter stuff. i got some plastic carrots (like easter eggs) to hide for my niece. i also bought her some addition/subtraction postcards and construction paper. did you know they have chocolate praying hands for easter? i've seen crosses but never the hands. i love the praying hands, maybe its the wannabe cholo in me.

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