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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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sunday afternoon i got a long overdue haircut. i don't think i've been in since late september/early october. that's a lot of time for tons of unhealthiness to happen, but luckily we are fans of the chop. i was starting to feel pleased with my recent efforts at healthiness, but this really put me over the edge. getting rid of the extra hair was just as important as getting rid of the extra inches elsewhere.

i went from not feeling myself, to wanting to feel myself, all the time, kidding, but you get the idea. i was really afraid it would go to my head and in a way it did. i got a lovely breakout on my forehead, which is all the more prominent due to the 'do. queen helene is gonna take care of it for me, but i am gonna keep working it regardless, hooray for misdirection.



I wouldn't say it's misdirection at all. Getting a good haircut can be just as much of an image boost as losing a few pounds.

k said...

I worded that poorly. I meant I was going to work the waist to divert attention from the blemish. I agree, I always feel great after a haircut.