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Friday, February 20, 2009

slick chick

it's supposed to rain again over the next two weeks and the past two weeks have made me well aware of how unprepared we californians are for "weather" when we finally get some. i had one pair of trail type boots from 8 years ago and a columbia jacket, but no real coverage in the event of a downpour. it doesn't usually rain enough to be worried about it and i'd rarely been out of doors so it didn't bother me.

things change when you have a furry friend who is entirely dependent on you. taking the dog out in the rain wasn't that bad, except for going through multiple pairs of jeans, socks, shoes, a day. did i mention i only have about two pairs of jeans/shoes? don't worry i'm good on socks. i needed to get some rain gear, even if only for one month of the year. i tried on some boots at wal-mart last weekend really quick but they were too big. today i went to try again and also to get a slicker or some other coverage. i found a rainsuit and boots in my size. with that and some sound advice from a more experienced friend, i'm officially rain ready. i know i'll look pretty stupid since according to toni tony toné it never rains in southern california, but at least i won't look like a drowned rat.

p.s. i also got a new towel for ms. p to dry her off when we get home. i've thought of getting a dog raincoat or rigging something up for her but i don't think she minds the rain as long as she's moving. we usually are a block away from home when it starts up, we've been lucky.


yarnwhore said...

Good luck on staying dry. I have the rain boots and a giant rain poncho with a hood that keep me OK in all but the worst storms. And we get fully driving rain storms where water is flying parallel to the ground here, so you're probably not dealing with that. That's probably also why I keep a basket of dog towels in the house, though.

I did get Charybdis a yellow slicker from Old Navy that even has a hood on it, but her tendency to want to snowplow of the ground knocks it loose, so unless it's really bad out, I just let her go naked.

k said...

I have a poncho and it works out great. I was mostly worried about the feets. We don't get it too bad but a lot of the streets flood up quickly and our backyard is a rice paddy after a day or two. It's mostly puddle-dodging and hoping no one makes too fast of turns at corners. I think she would go nuts trying to eat/remove a poncho so I let her go natural too. She loves some towel time and tries to climb into my lap, which is roomy, but not big enough for both of us. Amazingly the Hello Kitty fleece blanket I gave her is the only one she hasn't ripped to shreds.

yarnwhore said...

Oh lord. You have to get this.

k said...