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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

guess who's back

maybe it is more what than who, but it looks like after almost two months of working it, my waist is coming soon to a town near you. it's like seeing an old friend. lock up your sons! the emancipation of tété is nigh.


yarnwhore said...

Dogs are magic that way. I've dropped from a well-packed size 12 (really a 14) to a size 6 in the past 1-1/2 years and I have my pretty puppy and her high energy level to thank. I'm still too busy for man-trappin', but I'll get there.

k said...

So true!I've been saying "don't diet, dog-it". I was already eating healthier and going for walks at lunch, but my girl has kicked it up a few notches. We're both happier healthier bitches now. I would always blow it when I almost made it to 12, I would be cool with 8 or even 10, but I won't lie, 6 would be sweet!

I've been busy w/ the pup and haven't had much time for the mens either, but at least I will be more assertive/confident when the time comes.

yarnwhore said...

I've gotten to the point where I sometimes walk too fast for my 1/2 greyhound. Feels great. Buying new clothes sucks, though. At least I didn't give away all of my old skinny clothes, although I was tempted when I moved.

And I wore my Rocket zip-up hoodie over a Hot Snakes shirt yesterday. Great minds and all that!


That's awesome! Congrats! I would love to see my waist again. I'm in the motivation stage, I just need to get myself into the moving stage.
I did get some new walking shoes and a new sports now I have no excuses.

k said...

i have a stash of clothes from smaller days that i need to go through and see what still fits age/style-wise. i shouldn't need too many new clothes too soon but i'm queen of bargain/thrift shopping so hopefully i do alright. my hot snakes shirts might fit me again soon. i had the smaller/tighter ones. i love my rftc zip hoodie, i'm on my second one, great minds indeed.

walk on ms. b! you can do it. i need to get new shoes/support too.