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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

orange popsicles and lemonade

there are just a few more days until spring but it already feels like summer. i see baby lizards scurring back into hiding on my walk home every day, during which i am also reminded of how desperately i need to get a hat and sunglasses. due to another summer side effect, a nearby fire, we had to find a new walk route. i know it isn't smart or interesting to always take the same path. today's worse than usual air quality was a nudge in the right direction, though technically it was a left.

i think i found my summer walk route, at least one of them. it's through an adorable neighborhood of older ranch houses (pre-'87, which is older for this area) with tons of huge shade trees so we can keep cool while we do our thing. these days nearly everyone has a dog and not everyone keeps theirs on lead or secured in the yard so there are lots of different ways to not go, unless you want to risk hurting your dog or someone else's. we've not come close to anything happening yet but i won't take my chances.

any other summer i would probably start slacking on exercise but i can't do that anymore, my four legged trainer will not have it. we'll just have to go earlier/later and make a beeline for the tree-lined.

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