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Saturday, March 14, 2009

use yr noodle

since yesterday i've been wanting ramen. even though it is gross and cheap it is oddly comforting. today i caved and bought five packages for a dollar. i used to get ten for a dollar, sign of the times/dating myself. we had some green onions as well as leftover asparagus and fried tofu from last night. i added toasted sesame oil, sriracha and soy sauce and it didn't look or taste like twenty cents after all that. i will need new chopsticks and a bigger bowl if i'm going to keep this up.

i also picked up vegetarian times. i've got a subscription coming to me but i'm not sure when it starts. i chose that and real simple as the two items needed for a friend's daughter's school fundraiser. i haven't subscribed to magazines, other than bust, in a while for fear of not reading them and being wasteful, but i can drop them at the library or to my niece's school for craft projects when i am done. speaking of library, i am so terribly embarassed for not renewing a book yesterday. i owe fifty cents now, which is 2.5 packages of ramen.


jessica said...

i have a 50 cent late fee too! don't feel bad about it! i've lost cd's, and my coworkers have lost stuff too.
i'm sure your librarians love you!

k said...

i think it's only my second fine ever, so i shouldn't feel too bad. i was trying too hard to be a perfect patron. mostly everyone there is really nice and i have achieved a small sense of nerdariety for having so many books on hold. the most recent librarian was like, oh so you're...