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Friday, March 20, 2009

bathroom pass

the other day i was taking the pup out to do her business and not to go into tmi, it is not as easy to pick up since she's been on canned and dried food for about a week. for the time being, i let her do her thing, keep walking and pick it up on the way back. apparently that was not good enough for this guy in a white pickup who was driving by shortly after said business had been done. i was on the phone but i was sure i'd heard some shouting ending in "shit". i kept walking/talking knowing i didn't have to answeer to this hall monitor, who obviously was not keeping tabs on the number of people who have let their dogs have their way with the grass/sidewalk.

a few minutes later i heard it again. he circled around, and said something like, "you better pick up that shit". i don't know if he needed to make the loop or was doing it just to make sure i heard him but it was quite ridiculous. i'm offended by errant poopage too but i would never go so far as to yell at someone from the safety of my car about it. maybe if i were walking toward/behind someone who didn't pick up i might say something and offer a bag to them, but yelling at people from your car is just whack, unless you're trying to save their life or something. anyhow, as planned i did do a pick up on the way home, but i don't know if the potty police came back later to make sure i had done so.

a block later i was on the receiving end of another faux pas (faux-potty?). i saw an old man standing with his back to the street facing the bushes in a parking lot near his truck. even though it grosses me out i know lots of guys will urinate outdoors because they can usually get away with it. i wasn't totally sure that was what he was doing but that's definitely what it looked like from where i was standing. as i continued on i did see him reach in to zip and then he got back in the truck. i don't know if i should give him a pass because he's older and couldn't hold it until the next stop or not since he should be old enough to know better.


yarnwhore said...

Canned pumpkin (not the sweetened pie filling) is the best thing for binding up the pup. One spoonful mixed in her food per meal (I just use one a day, actually) works miracles within 48 hours. And dogs love it.

k said...

Ooh. I have two or three cans I haven't used yet, will have to keep that in mind. She is back on track now, but for future reference that is good info. Thanks!

yarnwhore said...

My baby goes through phases, and for no obvious reason. A couple of days of pumpkin firms things right up! Best doggie advice I ever got. It beats carrying around the plastic bags with paper towels inside of them.

k said...

Yes. Those were some nasty times but hopefully won't see the likes again anytime soon. I think I will try it anyway just to get her used to having it now and then. I'm sure my pumpkin will love the pumpkin.