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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

hold onto your hat

It's been ridiculously sunny and bright lately- hello spring. I wear spf every morning in my moisturizer but last week I learned very quickly what happens if you fail to reapply, especially after being outdoors for fifty odd during peak hours. When I got back to work it definitely felt as though I'd cooked my head and a quick run upstairs and funny looks from a co-worker confirmed it. Luckily it wasn't too bad but I still felt really silly about the whole thing.

During a Target rampage,I bought two different sunscreens (one face,one body) and a hat- haven't went outside without them since. I might have gone overboard though. The face one is more of proper sunblock so even though it says it is sweat resistant, I come back to the office runny and streaky. Plus it feels really heavy on my face. I think I might just reapply my normal moisturizer and wear the hat, but I might change to one with higher spf than I have now (15). I love me some spray on "cooling" sunscreen for the rest of me though. Thanks to Esme for pointing me to the Target knockoff of Neutrogena.

Since I can't look like Justin Timberlake in my fedora everytime I walk the dog, I needed some other coverage options. I've never been much for hats so all I had at home was a ball cap from a charity auction and western hats from theme parks, which I would not feel right wearing even though I live in a town of cowpokes.

As TLC would say protection is the priority. I wanted to get a bell shaped straw hat like the ones you see in chinatown, so I ordered one from the internet which was cheaper than going to chinatown, though not nearly as fun. They weren't kidding when they included the chin strap. I had to draw up most of the cord and I think I may have given myself an extra chin or two in the process. I had no intentions of losing my hat the very first time I wore it out. Other than chin breakout anxiety, it is a great hat and I want to get another one or two. I was never much for hats, but that is quickly changing.

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