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Friday, February 06, 2009

(t)raining day

after the kids were all packed off for their overnight to the mountains, it was time to take ms. penny for her walk. it was about an hour later than i would normally take her so she was already waiting at the door to go out. i'm glad she is getting used to the schedule. i put carmela in the kitchen with the baby gate and we left.

i think this was our best walk to date. we did a lap at the park and on the way out saw our neighbor at the school. i stopped to chat and she sat quietly the whole time and my neighbor's little boy pet her. they were in love. we stopped by work to say hi to a few people too and she was very well behaved. since the rain was giving us a break we took it and stayed out for a little over an hour. in case we aren't so lucky later i wanted to make sure we got out exercise.

when i got home i realized someone else was not on her best behavior. carmela knocked the gate over (maybe i didn't put it up as good as i thought) as well as leaving me two surprises under the coffee table in the living room and a few more in my mom's room. thank god we have oxyclean carpet cleaner and i have a few more hours before anyone will be home to notice. i do feel bad for leaving her cooped up for so long but there was a pad in the kitchen and one in my mom's room too. my dog isn't the only one who needs work.

right now all three dogs are huddled in the dog house keeping each other warm. they haven't all been together since the fight last week and so far they are doing well. i had taken penny out a few times on lead to get reacquainted but i know they could sense my nervousness even though i was trying to be calm. they have to learn to tolerate each other and they won't ever do that if i keep them apart. i'm really hoping for this to work out. i've been putting in my proper effort and i'm hoping for support from my mom and dad with their dogs, but if i have time, i am going to put in work with them as well. it's two way learning. they need to be obedient and i could definitely step up my game when it comes to being assertive.

here is the real bad girl of the house:

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