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Monday, February 02, 2009

free penny!

after some chats with the trainer and looking around on the internets there are a few reasons why ms. p could have snapped the other day. first is redirected aggression: all three of our dogs were in a frenzy about the neighbor's dog on the other side of the fence and couldn't get to him, so she went after her closest rival instead. second factor, she is in her first heat cycle, which i just found out the other day when i nearly freaked about blood on the patio, but a quick check under her tail was a huge relief.

for now i'm keeping them separated until we can get both bitches spayed. i know i am 3 months late in taking my dog in but my mom's dog should have gone well over a year ago. i'm not the only "bad" owner but i am sure as dogshit making a better go of it from now on. she has an appt. next week and i'm going to set up ms. p for a few weeks after that since we have to wait for her cycle to finish up/wind down.

it's a little crazy right now keeping everyone safe. i really doubt anything will happen but since someone is still super sensitive and scared, i'm not taking any chances. she had one walk yesterday, today will be the first full "normal" day. i came home at lunch to walk her and will take her out again after dinner. right now she's running loose and we had some play time soon as i got home.

we should both be a lot less bitchy after we get the exercise we both need. i just keep praying this will work if i work it. we'll see if there is much change after she's spayed, but that still gives me time to work with her other issues and it should be easier to find her a home at that point. but of course i am aiming to keep her here.

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