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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

three strikes

and she's out.

after two earlier scraps, one with each of the smaller dogs, tonight ms. penny has used up all her chances. i'll never know what really happened because i didn't see it, but for whatever reason she snapped and grabbed the smallest of our dogs by the neck and jerked her around like a ragdoll. so far the little one is okay, but there is no way we can keep them all after something like that, what if next time we're not so lucky. to be real, there should have never been a this time.

i've been feeling bad about not doing right by this dog for a month or so now and my plan was to have her spayed, put her back in training and make a new start. i was just talking about it today, but it is too late for that now. i'm going to do my best to find a place for her, but i know it will be tough with her behavior issues. i don't even know how long i have to get her relocated, but i'm sure it's not much more than a few days. i'm hoping my vet/trainer will have some recommendations and maybe one of them can at least keep her for a bit so i can work something out. it's a huge lesson for me to learn, but i feel horrible that she is going to also have to pay the price for my mistakes.

i don't think i've stopped crying for more than five minutes in the past few hours and i know it will only be worse when i really do have to let her go. she has such potential to be a great dog, i just have to find her a better owner, and fast.


yarnwhore said...

Damn. Sadness. You have to keep the other dogs' safety in mind, though. And if she got loose and went at someone else's dog you'd be in for a world of trouble and she'd likely just be put down.

I have neighbors with 2 unfixed male pits that kept getting loose (and who trapped me in my house for 2 hours last spring) and they finally got into another neighbors yard and I'm the one who caught them because my dog was freaking out while they used her boyfriend (a shitzu) as a chew toy. One ran off, but the other was going after people too. I was sure he was dead, but $3000 in vet bills later he's fine now, but damn that was horrible. They got rid of the more aggressive one but had it back over xmas and I and most of the neighbors went nuts. These people are shifty, though, and we're going to make it difficult to get their lease renewed so hopefully they'll be gone come spring.If she can be someplace where she's the only dog, or at least the only female and she gets fixed, that'll probably calm her down quite a bit on its own.

k said...

It was just a bad fit. I should have thought about it more and really understood how much work it was going to be to keep her, especially when we already have two smaller females. Thankfully the little one is running around crazy again, but it doesn't change what happened. Definitely looking for an only dog/only female match for her.

m said...

aww kari, that sucks. i don't know how you're dealing with it, i would be a total mess. i'm so sorry you have to make this decision.

k said...

thanks girl. i'm really fighting to keep her, but we'll see what the final word is.