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Sunday, January 25, 2009


i won't even breakdown the extraordinary genius of how i accomplished it but there is now 1/4" x 1/2" rabbit ear shaped gash in my left thumb. the mofo hurt superbad, i had a few swigs of jameson and thought about going full cowboy and pouring some on, but when plain old cold water hurt, i knew that was out.

i'm not sure what to do next. i'm definitely investing in some new sterile non stick pads. i had used bandaids, removing as gingerly as possible, it was like starting all over again with the bleeding and the hurting. for now it's al fresco with some ointment and it doesn't hurt and isn't bleeding but i have a lot to do today so i know i need to bag it up soon.


jessica said...

ouch! i hope it gets better soon. sounds like you are very brave!

k said...

thanks, it's already much better. i did wear a thumbguard at work to avoid banging into things. i'm definitely pushing myself these days, i'll never know what i can do if i don't try. good to hear from you!