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Friday, January 23, 2009

you know you're getting older when...

your purchases are being rung up at the register and you remark to the cashier that you have not seen such a price on tofu in nearly nine months. it's nerdy enough you noticed earlier when you put four blocks in your basket, but to make mention of it a few minutes later, oldsville all the way.

hopefully our sleepover party will balance that out a bit. i climbed up on homemade shelves and liberated truck shelves to fetch the air mattress from the forbidden zone of the garage. i feared i was not agile, strong or small enough to get the job done but as always i found a way. it's time to pump it up, make some pizza and watch some scary movies with my niece and sister. oh yeah we're going to talk about boys and braid each other's hair too, duh.

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