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Friday, January 23, 2009

friday is my day

this is my third friday off work. other than the hit to my check, it's been great to have the extra free day. eventually my workshare unemployment will kick in, but with so many people out of work i'm sure it will take longer than it would have in the past. i'm not worried about it yet, when i do get the money it will just be like reimbursement or more like the tax refund i'm probably not getting. i got my w-2's last week so if i stay productive i'll file this weekend and see what's what.

i woke up a little before eight, had cheerios and banana and half a grapefruit for breakfast. i'm on my second cup of tea while my first load of laundry is headed for the dryer. i'm doing sheets next, excitement abounds!

my sister is off friday's too so we had tentative plans to go antique shopping but maybe that will be another week since she hasn't made it downstairs yet. she didn't go to bed as early as i did last night, 6 or 7, like last thursday too. its a disturbing trend i aim to put a stop to really soon. the four days i am working are non-stop action-packed fix-it fests so maybe when i get to the end of it, i just don't have anything left. try again next week, today i'm only worrying about my home-work.

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