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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


when i packed my lunch this morning i had mixed feelings about the nearly empty produce bin, proud of having not been wasteful but wanting to fill it up again. i don't normally go to the market in the middle of the week but i picked up a few cookbooks at lunch and decided to try one of them right away. even though i've been saving money by borrowing instead of buying, i still haven't made the best use of the books. i used to at least make some copies or try a few recipes, but lately i had not done more than a few flip throughs.

since it was supposed to rain, i decided to make the quinoa vegetable soup from you won't believe it's not vegan. it was my first time using the bouillon cubes and i had loads of anxiety about not dissolving sufficiently and also that i should have only used one instead of two. i was also concerned that the only seasonings mentioned were salt and pepper. true that you can't go wrong with the classics but a little extra spice never hurt anyone. i won't really know how it turned out until tomorrow but to be safe i eventually added in some bay leaves and the last tablespoon or so from my tube of tomato paste. those things are lifesavers.

p.s. in addition to my soup supplies, i also got a few key ingredients to make french scramble again. i'm hooked. and since i have tempeh and potatoes, the brunch bomb is ready to drop sometime this weekend, if not friday morning.

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