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Sunday, February 08, 2009

sunday busy sunday

today has been great so far, it's definitely my most relaxed day in the past week. my niece is with her dad, my sister is at work and my parents are off for some casino hijinx so it's just me and the dogs, who are thick as thieves once again.

i really thought the rain was going to be an obstacle to reuniting them, but it's actually been a great help. my mom refuses to keep carmela inside anymore so they've no choice but to huddle together in their house and keep each other warm. they're all snuggled in right now taking a nap and i've not skipped a single one of ms. penny's walks. we've become quite efficient at dodging the rain, it usually doesn't start up until we're a block or two from home. last night we got hit hard for the last few minutes but it was worth it. i know if i miss once, it will make it easier for me to miss again and i can't do that. we needs our walking.

the kids came back from their overnight trip tired, hungry, slightly grouchy and bearing gifts. i didn't expect anything so it was a nice surprise. i got a huge mofo grizzly bear soup mug and a pair of socks with raccoons on 'em, cute! my niece also picked out a pine cone for me and they smuggled out some snow in the hotel ice bucket. i made some nutro cheese from you won't believe it's vegan and after a few alterations we had ourselves some nachos. i was a little bummed out my niece didn't like them since i had her in mind when i made it, but what can you do? not everyone is going to like everything i cook, self included.

i'm getting a lot done, laundry, dishes, and my recipe binder project. i've been trying a lot harder lately to make better use of my free time. i am taking super advantage of the empty house today, tell you that much.

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