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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

number two

i will say the first was the best. even with awesome time management, i still felt really rushed and i don't like to be rushed. prep one, bake one, prep one, bake one, and in between, clean. it was a lot to do and i was definitely done before the food was on the table. fave dish was the squash casserole, which my sister said reminded her of green bean casserole. the cauliflower looked really great coming out of the oven, should have left it alone, but i had to put the vinaigrette on it, right? there was a little bit left that i am going to retoast in a pan for a snack later. the 'tofurkey' slices were not so great, but we ate them anyway. at least we had one good dinner, even if it was the practice one. hopefully tonight's dinner turns out better. i'm not in charge of anything thank goodness. i have no idea what we are eating tomorrow, i think want burritos.

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