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Sunday, November 30, 2008


i had way too much time off, definitely have to be more on-task for the next bout of holiday home time. i am going to be worth nothing tomorrow, apologies in advance.

our daily feasting left us with little interest in food by thursday but at least we weren't whining about there not being much for us to eat at my aunt's. we could have brought more things but didn't feel like cooking or eating anymore. we had a few rounds of sequence and uno and some beers. my mom and i got sick from one of the dishes my aunt made, good times.

friday we lazed around and watched videos, napped, went to the store and fell asleep with more videos. last night we had tortilla making party at my great aunt's. my grandma was to teach the younger generations how to make them. i already know how but it never hurts to review, plus it was fun to watch my niece have a go. it wasn't the way she taught me, as far as the ingredients and how long to let the masa rest before using it. i thought this recipe tasted more like matzoh than masa, but i love matzoh so no problem there. maybe it's matza?

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