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Monday, November 24, 2008

feeding frenzy

after all the stress of what to eat and when, at some point yesterday we decided to just eat really awesome all week long since it is the holidays. there were so many great dishes i wanted to make and no way i could make them all for three people for one meal, so i'm definitely stepping it up for these week and perhaps will stretch thanksgiving until it's time to give it up for xmas.since it wasn't really planned this way, everything doesn't go together as well as it should but it's all going the same place.

tonight's dinner had a few firsts, some turning out better than others. bitchtastic brownies were a bit more of a miss due to slight underbaking. we had some really overbaked ones c/o my sister's boyfriend so i went too far the other way and underdid mine. next time we will get it right. we also had our first tofurkey, which was better than i had expected. we ate nearly all of it, my niece is taking the last of it to lunch tomorrow. i'm glad i put more vegetables than it suggested. next time will put more carrots and maybe parsnips. i also made tft's cheezy macaroni to go with the kale. it wasn't bad, but it won't replace my fave stovetop recipe and everything else we ate got demolished. i'll chili it up so it doesn't go to waste.

i'm super tired, glad to have the whole day tomorrow to prepare. we're eating a little after seven so i'm going to make a time table and try to stick to it. i'd like to sneak out to pick up library books that should come in or test walk to the new grocery store to get a few last minute items. i worry that if i am home too much i won't go out as much as when i am already out for work, if that makes sense.

after dinner and dishes i went to target for a few essentials and cost plus for non-essentials, but i did finally get my hands on some droste and new belgium goodness. i'm not really a beer drinker but i am working on it.

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