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Monday, November 10, 2008

mi pueblo es su pueblo

more pantry pilfering since we didn't go grocery shopping again. it's sort of a good thing since it's keeping money in my account and also because it is making me find ways to use the food (and cookbooks!) i already do have. i've only a few more weeks to make up my mind for thanksgiving menu and i looked through some ideas from last year. i decided to try nava atlas' pueblo corn pie since i had everything but the bell pepper and i asked my mom to pick that up on her way home the other day. last night i did a double check and realized i didn't have diced tomatoes. i had whole tomatoes that i could dice so it wasn't a big deal.

i had to go to the library at lunch so i could get a quick walk in and also to slowly start returning all of the books i have borrowed in the last month and a half. there are a few small markets in the older part of town so i thought i could stop in and check for my tomatoes really quick. they had the tomatoes and to be safe i also got more cornmeal. next time i will do a better first check so my double check doesn't induce ingredient shortage freakout. i ended up not needing more cornmeal but i have plenty for next time and there will definitely be a next time.

making this dish took a lot longer than i thought it would and my out of shape arm got a bit tired stirring the cornmeal. maybe it was still recovering from last night's cookie fight. my mom made those break and bake toll house cookies so the whole house smelled like cookies i couldn't eat. i decided to make the vwav version and show her up. in all my cockiness i goofed something up and my cookies did not spread at all. they were like little teaspoon football cookies which was okay since i was watching the giants game, woo! they tasted great, just didn't come out as well as i had hoped. i think it might have been that the earth balance was not at room temp and i cheated by microwaving it, apparently not for long enough.

back to the point, the pueblo corn pie was muy delicioso. we topped it with tofutti sour supreme and it was even more fantastico. i'm not sure how pretty it is supposed to turn out, but trust me it tastes better than it looks.

here is how not to win the cookie fight:


jessica said...

both of those look really good!

m said...

both of those look yummy, but that corn pie is totally up my alley. beans and cornbread, there's not much better than that.

k said...

thanks chicas!