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Sunday, November 09, 2008

eat yr sprouts!

slowly but surely i am adding newer foods, especially more vegetables, into my diet. we were talking the other day about having never tried brussel sprouts and that we should give them a go. i started looking for recipes and luckily found this after a bit of searching. since i had a brick of savory tofu from trader joe's that was a few days from expiring, i only had to buy the sprouts and cilantro. i made mine sans pecans since 2 of 3 vegans in the home are allergic to nuts. i wasn't sure what to serve with it so i just used brown rice. it turned out so unexpectedly good. i get nervous with new recipes/ingredients and even more so when i have to hurry. anyhow my sister came home for lunch and she was like, is that all for right now? the recipe is for 2-3 main servings which is about right since we killed it in a sitting. i will definitely make this again, might need to double it though. i want to make the ones from vwav as well but it's still quite warm to be using the oven so much, maybe in a few weeks.

my lunchtime library runs have been great so far. i only went twice last week, both times to pick up. friday i got the uncheese cookbook and vegan cooking for everyone. i haven't digested much of either yet but on the few quick flips i did see some good things i want to try. i have been taking full advantage of the hold system and have checked out nearly every veg cookbook they have. i think i've only been using the library for six months, but they keep getting in new books, which is so rad. we're taking over! i've also been trying to not blow it so hard on goodreads and read more book-books too.

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