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Monday, October 06, 2008

wake up and smell the coffee cake (vegan mofo day 6)

welcome to the working week, a.k.a. mondays invariably kick my butt. i can't fall asleep sunday night because i am so excited for all of the things i plan to do as soon as i get home from work the next day. after not nearly enough sleep and the drain that only monday can bring, i haul myself home and that's about the end of it. but i reminded myself, must...keep...blogging.

after a snack and a cat nap, i realized that not needing to make dinner was not a good enough excuse to leave the kitchen alone. i have been wanting chocolate chip cookies for weeks but i didn't feel like making them tonight. flipping through the library of underused cookbooks i looked for something i already had all of the ingredients to make. it was a toss up between banana chocolate chip muffins or cinnamon coffee cake from the joy of vegan baking. since we didn't have enough ripe bananas, coffee cake won.

too bad the saints lost, i think this is my worst week for the season. i'm not a football fiend or anything, but i would like nothing more than to whip the executives in the office pool. i'm still in first place by one point, phew!

p.s. hello to my fellow mofo's who've been reading/commenting these past few days.

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