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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

talkin' turkey (vegan mofo day 7)

we haven't hit halloween but i'm already thinking of thanksgiving. growing up it was never my favorite holiday. i didn't really care for turkey since it would always be a bit too dry and i was too grossed out by gravy to try to remedy it that way. we didn't do cranberries either (see other blog for lack of veg/fruit enforcement). my childhood thanksgiving would be something like this: little bit of turkey,corn, maybe mashed potatoes (again sans gravy), biscuits and pumpkin pie. ask me why i'm a chubby vegan, right?

now that i'm doing the cooking and i'm open to more foods, it's a different story. the only reason not to look forward to holiday cooking now is the issue of kitchen scheduling. if my dad is making a turkey or we are the hosts, i've really got to scramble to make most things ahead or after all of the omni food is complete, hello huge waste of oven/counter space you poor turkey!

i'm not sure what i want to make yet. i used to always argue that we should just eat whatever we want and buck the traditional menu since the real point is to be together and give thanks, blah blah blah. on the other hand, i am thinking of trying some of the thanksgiving food from the real food daily cookbook or some dishes i wanted to make last year but did not. i've never made a main dish, just sides. i'm also trying to use less prepackaged/box mix kind of food so this is another push in that direction. it's really a great opportunity to challenge myself and i look forward to it. i just need to find a focus and then do a few tests that way i am not unpleasantly surprised by my results. in case i botch it, there must be pumpkin pie, and maybe sweet potato too. just to show i am a good sport, i will still have turkey at my table.

how do you all reconcile the holidays? what are your favorite dishes?

p.s. i am probably going to cook again tomorrow, after two days off. gotta hit the books, hopefully some of the cookbooks i put on hold magically show up and i can pick up tomorrow after work.

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