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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

get yer rayaya's out (vegan mofo day 8)

this was my second time making rayaya's tofu cutlets from table for two. for all my love of fried foods, i kind of suck at frying, go figure. these turned out better than last time, when i think i used too much oil and didn't coat the pieces well enough. third time will be a charm i guess, but i do prefer the crispy tofu sticks on the opposite page. it's still a bit too hot to use the oven, hopefully we get a break soon.

since someone was wonderful enough to recall the copy of bless me ultima i had checked out, i stopped by the library after work to return it. i was a bit peeved since i had barely started it, but then realized with all of the mo-foolery i would probably not read it in the next three weeks even if i had been able to renew it. i'll pick up another copy when my cookbook hold harvest comes in and hopefully that is soon. i did get caramelo, the vegetarian family cookbook, and williams-sonoma thanksgiving entertaining, woo!

after that, i decided to do a few laps around the "regular" supermarket and i saw this. they had blueberry, plain and strawberry banana, which are only half of the flavors (raspberry, vanilla, passionate mango). i almost got the blueberry one, but it was almost three dollars for one teeny yogurt so i put it back. hopefully i find it again in another store for less because it sounded really good. i'm probably late to the game as usual, but at least i got there.

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