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Sunday, October 05, 2008

ahoy matey minestrone (vegan mofo day 5)

i decided to give table for two a break and try something from eat, drink & be vegan which i am previewing, thanks to the library. there was a time when i just bought way too many cookbooks and made one or two recipes in them, so now i'm borrowing before i buy.

after checking my shelves, monkey minestrone was the best use of materials already on hand, i only had to get green beans. i even had kid-friendly pirate pasta. there was a brief freak out when i re-read the ingredients and thought i did not have any rosemary, but further digging in the pantry revealed i did. it was my first time using my new immersion blender and my last time using tetra packed stock (bouillon from now on). the soup looks delicious, i've already ladled out tomorrow's lunch in my new soup mug. i will probably have some for dinner tonight with salad and some crusty bread.

that covers food, now here is the fun:

Vegan Mofo Survey #3 borrowed from Liz's blog Food Snobbery Is My Hobbery.

1. Name a song that involves food in some way.

More than Toast- The Mr. T Experience

2. What criteria do you use when choosing a new cookbook to buy?

It used to be dessert, but now I look for favorite ingredients and new dishes to challenge my “skills” and expand my menus

3. What did you eat today?

Cereal w/ vanilla silk, tofu salad sammich w/ chips, lazy sunday!

4. Name a vegan food that you know exists but you have never tried.

Vegan pastrami sandwich @ Orean

5. The Food Network just called and needs you to start your new show tomorrow. What will the title of the show be?

Tofu Is a Four Letter Word

6. Favorite hot sauce or other spicy condiment?

Something habanero

7. How old were you when you became vegetarian/vegan?

22- vegetarian and 24- vegan

8. Favorite vegan cheeze?

Follow Your Heart Monterey jack so far

9. Cutest baby animal?

They’re all cute when they’re babies.

10. Favorite type of jam/jelly/marmalade/preserves?


11. Do you take any vitamins/supplements?

Veg multi when I remember

12. What food/dish most embodies the Fall season?


13. What food would you have a hard time living without?


14. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Tea, always bet on black

15. It's 10PM and you're starving. What do you eat?

Whatever isn’t bolted down? It depends on what we have at the time.

16. If you have an animal companion, what is his/her favorite food?

All of the dogs love baked savory tofu, and broccoli.

17. Worst injury you've gotten in the kitchen?

A good slice from the serrated peeler

18. When you have a food-related question, who do you call?

Ask mom or the internet

19. Summer is ending- What food will you miss most?

Fresh fresh fruit

20. What snacks do you keep in your purse/backpack/desk at work?

Tea, cereal and sometimes chocolate

21. Favorite soup to make on a rainy day?

A nice stew

22. What's your favorite combination of fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices?

I’m more for solo juices, love apple

23. Favorite brand of root beer?

Blue Sky

24. Make up your own question!— What do you wear when you cook?



Bethany said...

I love minestrone soup. I like the idea of previewing cookbooks from the library. I have a ton of cookbooks right now and I'm hesitant to add more because like you, I typically only try out 1 or 2.

Anonymous said...

I love the little boats!