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Friday, October 03, 2008

put yr movie where yr mouth is (vegan mofo day 4)

i've been a table for two fool these days. i made the tofu salad really quick yesterday after an impromptu nap and before dinner errands. it didn't look/taste too impressive at first, definitely needed something more. after chilling the flavors had more time to work it out. we added paprika and some more vegenaise and it's perfect now.

i nearly overloaded this sammich when i got back from artivist tonight. i probably shouldn't have had an appetite left after watching some of the films, but i didn't eat since breakfast so i was quite hungry. i'm not sure if or how any of these will be distributed, but keep an eye out, especially for blinders. i was really surprised by giving thanks as well, if someone can get some screenings going for early november, that would be something to celebrate.

there were not too many people there, which really bummed me out. i thought the place would be crawling with do-gooders and hope-mongers, but there were maybe 30 of us (including a famous skinny bitch)and that's being generous. however, there were some really wonderful older ladies sitting behind me. i want to be just like when i am their age, still fighting, but with better connections and more wisdom. i think one of them is on the board for the genesis awards.

i wish i could have gone to more of the films in the series, they all looked amazing. next year i will probably get a pass, some tissues, and one of those butt donuts. i love nothing more than a good movie, even better when paired with a good cause, add in some hollywood history and i'm done.

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Bethany said...

tofu salad is my fave. I put tons of nutritional yeast in mine.

that festival sounds really interesting. I had always wondered about those horses and the life they lead.