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Friday, October 03, 2008

souper size me (vegan mofo day 3)

i'm trying to bring my lunch to work more, to save money and to make sure i eat healthier. instead of just buying more food every week for whatever sounds good, i am looking at what i already have and what i can make with that plus a few other ingredients. its no groundbreaking strategy but prior to wising up i've managed to accumulate a lot of dry/canned goods that are just waiting to be made useful.

i'm completely soup crazy right now, probably going to make a lentil soup or minestrone on sunday. i just have to get the fresh vegetables and i'm all set. the only problem is that i don't have many ways to transport soup to work. i love the corningware grab-it's. we had three but are now down to two since my sister broke one. i haven't found a replacement yet, might get the set of four from amazon. anyhow at target today i saw the slightly bigger corningware soup mug and decided to go for it. if i love it, i'll get a few more. i can't wait to have a huge mug of steaming hot soup, yum! it also wouldn't be fall without at least one batch of calabasitas.


Veg-a-Nut said...

It has been soup week in our home. Hey when your sick, tired, celebrating, or having friends and family over. Soups are the go to meal!

k said...

Totally! So far none of us are sick, and hopefully cramming in more veggies/protein will keep us taht way. Thanks for your comment.

Jim said...

hey--you need to go to the local Corningware/Corelle outlet store and stock up on "stuff"--I work there and we sell all of the things you mentioned---

Bethany said...

I hate plastic, but it's so pervasive. I should go check out some corningware storage.

I'm making soup this weekend for canadian Thanksgiving and I'm psyched.