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Sunday, October 12, 2008

gonzo for garbanzos (vegan mofo day 12)

i finally made the "italian beans and bows" from table for two, delicious, nutricious and super easy to make. what normally slows me down is prep/chopping, but since this recipe called for canned beans and tomato paste, i only really had to measure out the dry ingredients while the pasta cooked. i was powerful hungry after getting back from grocery shopping and almost ate a frozen meal, but i'm glad i put in the 20-30 minutes and ate this instead. i served a small plate and quickly went back for a bit more. i packed the rest for lunches, mine for tomorrow and my niece's for tuesday. i'm in charge of her dinner tomorrow and i'm thinking of making the whole wheat apple pancakes, but we'll see how it goes. i can never really plan too much for monday.

in other news, i finally made up my bed properly, new clean sheets and not one, but two blankets. it's been sheet city for some time now so it's great to finally need blankets, and slippers. pretty soon it will be time to bring the dogs in at night, not sure how penny will fit in my room now that the bed takes most of it up, but we'll find a way.

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