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Monday, October 13, 2008

go granny go (vegan mofo day 13)

two firsts for me today, which should be embarassing, but better late than never i think.

our backyard was a wreck this afternoon due to ridiculous winds made even more ridiculous by irresponsible neighbors not cleaning up their party decorations. there were balloons and other trash strewn in my yard when i got home. i'm pretty sure i wasn't able to recover all of the balloons and the dogs may have ate some while i was at work, will know tomorrow for sure. anyhow, i vigorously raked the yard for the first time ever. we don't have much in the way of seasons but we do get some strong winds and the fires that go along with them. normally i wouldn't care for the backyard to get a bit messy since no one will see it, etc. now that i have a crazy goat dog who will eat anything and everything, i'm way more conscious of keeping the yard clean and safe.

the other milestone was my first batch of non-bisquick pancakes. i did pull it out and make the whole wheat apple pancakes from table for two (used granny smith). i don't know why i never braved the world beyond bisquick. it's about the same amount of measuring and mixing but i feel a lot better not totally relying on the box mix. no pictures since i did get a late start and had to quickly serve the hungry child. they should turn out prettier next time, also will add more cinammon and possibly the raisins. i haven't made pancakes in a long time due to my poor lefthanded flipping "skills" but since these were on the thicker side it was slightly easier. believe you me, i shall dust if off and try these again.

our menu plan for the week is a bit lacking. tomorrow we're having meatball subs and thursday night soyrizo, not as inspired as last week, not sure if it is mofo fatigue or being overwhelmed by so much good stuff to try and make. wednesday is my "free" night so maybe i will make up for at least one of those lazy/boring days. yesterday i ordered my slingshot for next year and a few cookzines as well, c'mon priority mail!


The Cooking Lady said...

Oh girlfriend, you have so got to try my 3 Grain pancakes. It can easily be veganized.

But man oh man are they good. they are, bar none, my husbands favorite pancakes. We are just a pancake eating family.

k said...

I'll have to try them, are they on your blog by chance?