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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

toaster oven tuesday (vegan mofo day 14)

we had two gentlemen join us for dinner tonight via nate's meatball's and newman's own marinara sauce. can you smell the laziness? the most "work" i did was to mince onion and garlic and chop the bellpepper. then i sauteed the onions for a good while before adding in the onion and then the peppers. the "meat"balls went in a few minutes before the sauce in which they simmered until just perfect. i sliced open the baguettes and lined the bottoms with tofutti mozarella, spooned on some sauciness and topped with more mozarella. after a minute or two in the toaster oven, dinner was ready. we had salads to go along with it so it wasn't a complete sham. slacking tasted pretty good tonight.

i'm not sure what to make tomorrow, most likely a soup/stew or chili since i requested celery and carrots i had better use them or else. as lazy as tonight's dinner was i'm not completely sure i'll ever be down with the quickness of the pdq vegetarian cookbook. i know i take forever with prep but that's because i enjoy cooking and don't like to rush. i can pick up the pace when the occasion calls for it. i can't knock it yet since i haven't tried it, but so far it seems like it is too darn quick, for example, frozen chopped onion and refrigerated minced garlic. i'm going to give it a chance though because if/when i have a different schedule which does not allow as much time between getting off work and getting dinner on the table, it might be just what i need.

next week i start another great adventure to do with one of my favorite mofo's, my puppy "penny". i've not been the best dogmother the past few months so i owe it to both of us, but especially her, to regain control of the situation. our vet recommended a trainer and i observed one of his group classes today. we can start officially in the new group next monday but are welcome to drop in on any of the other sessions for more practice. a few of the dogs were more stubborn than she is and more than a few of the owners less assertive than i am. from where i stood i felt confident that i could/would do a better job than those people, but we'll find out soon enough for sure. the best owner/handler of the bunch was a ten year old girl with a dog that probably weighed as much as she did. awesome.

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