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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

rice rice baby (vegan mofo day 15)

tonight i made the tomato-rice soup with roasted garlic and navy beans from veganomicon. i know it will be a bazillion times better with the roasted garlic but on the way home from work it was almost too hot to use the range, much less turn on the oven. i will definitely make it again as directed as soon as the weather permits. it was still quite delicious and what made me the happiest was that my parents actually ate something i made.

my mom is more open-minded than my dad, but even she will make a face while tasting or eschew the tofu. my dad just says i am cooking with play doh again. i haven't made rice in an age, and have never cooked brown rice so i asked my mom to test it out. she said it needed a few more minutes but it was good, score! the next challenge was to get my dad on board. he doesn't eat beans, ever, but i thought if i could get him to taste before i added them in, he might go for it. all three of us had soup together like a happy family, awww. i'm glad everyone was able to appreciate my efforts and it was nice to give my mom a break after a long day at work. i was afraid the portion would be too much for so late in the week but i think it will work out just fine.

near the end my dad griped that it was too tomato-ey and my mom reminded him how much he likes tomato soup. then i said he should eat it with a grilled cheese, which made me want a grilled cheese, which i still might make right now. yum.


Jeni Treehugger said...

It looks scrummy! No wonder your mum and dad enjoyed it!

k said...

thanks, i hope my co-workers agree. it was a big recipe so i'm going to share.

Kelly said...

Mmmmm. It looks delicious and I can totally understand the grilled cheese craving. With tomato soup it's a match made in heaven.