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Thursday, October 16, 2008

i have confidence in me! (vegan mofo day 16)

it sounds really corny but were it not for becoming veg, i don't know that i would cook well, if i cooked at all. it's so easy to heat and eat or just drive thru. when i first started cooking for my newly veg self it was pretty easy things, many a stir fry, tons of burritos and a few near o.d.'s on amy's. i started buying cookbooks and they sat unused for quite a while. now i can't keep my nose out of them.

as time goes on, i find myself trying even more new foods and pushing myself harder to learn more about cooking. it's such a great feeling. there are lots of things i eat now i would have turned my nose at eight years ago. there are recipes i flipped past thinking they were beyond my skill level or more sophisticated than my palate. now i look at them, reread and realize i could totally do it and they sound amazingly delicious.

when i bought veganomicon last year, i felt more like vegan moron or something, i didn't feel worthy or ready to use it. now that i've made four of the recipes without effing them up i feel confident to get started on some others. i don't know when i'll actually think i'm a great cook in so far as i can measure just by looking, use a knife like i mean it or throw together my own recipes that someone other than i will eat, but for now i think i am a good student and i know i'll get there eventually. in the meantime, i have favorite song from the sound of music, another thing i never thought i would like but it's quite good.

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Looking at the foods you've blogged about so far - seems you're doing great!