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Friday, October 17, 2008

choco-late (vegan mofo day 17)

laziness prevailed once more for dinner. we had yves veggie dogs w/ trader joe's chili as well as road's end mac n chreese. i used to make mac but my niece doesn't eat it and i really don't need to eat it all myself, though i can quite easily. my sister's boyfriend was to join us for dinner but he was running really late and we started without him since we were so hungry. even though he was tardy, he made up for it by showing up with a huge pumpkin for each of us and better still, he made us a vegan cake from scratch. he's not vegan so it means so much that he would put forth the effort. i haven't tried it yet, but it looks delicious and it's really the thought that counts. they've only been dating a few months but countdown to conversion is on.

i'm hoping to not have to convert anyone and instead can find a rad readymade vegan who cooks as much as i do or at least really likes to help with dishes. a gal can dream.


River said...

Nothing wrong with feeling lazy! How sweet it was of your sister's boyfriend to bake you guys a vegan cake! So cool!!
Thank you so much for your comment on my Lucy post! :)

k said...

It was really sweet of him and it was a great first effort. After he left I realized my sister hadn't even made a vegan dessert from scratch, very impressive. Your blog is great, love to read it.