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Friday, October 10, 2008

bye bye buy(vegan mofo day 11?*)

i probably shouldn't have but i bought another cookbook yesterday. i most especially should not have since i just picked up another one from the library. i also got fifteen candles which has been great so far. it's a collection of quinceanara stories, most of which would be best appreciated by quince survivors, but i didn't have one and they're still quite funny.

post-library i met up with my sister and niece for some errands. as soon as we got in the first store my niece had to go to the bathroom and that store didn't have one. since i wasn't going to shop much, i offered to take her. luckily for us the nearest one was in the bookstore. in the process of looking for the bathroom i did find the cookbooks and knew we would have to circle back to those after "basic needs" were covered. since the restrooms were just past the children's books i had a feeling we might also make a stop there first.

that little girl was after my heart, telling me she loved books. i told her she could get a halloween book, which i soon realized was not very smart since a lot of them are picture books that are kind of pricey, for a bunch of pictures, no matter how awesome they are. we were going to get another amelia bedelia for her to practice on but then i had to go and point out biscuit. she really wanted the biscuit book. it was a few dollars more, but she could read it to me instead of me reading to her and i'll take all the breaks i can get these days.

i already had bought or checked out most of the cookbooks the store i would have been interested in, except for vegan bites: recipes for singles. i read about it in vegnews and got really excited for another small portion book since i have been using table for two like crazy. which is not to say that i won't make a "regular" to "big recipe" and eat the same thing for about a week, because i have, many many times over.

lately, i have been trying really hard not to buy much of anything, even food and books, or food books. i feel bad to buy a cookbook when there are probably 20+ other ones i could use, or the same guilt in making more food than i will actually eat and being wasteful. for the time being, i cook for three vegans (2 adult + 1 child) plus the occasional open-minded omnivores at work. in a year or two, that number will probably change to one. my sister and niece will move out, if i don't do it first. i need to start scaling down, like back when i first turned veg and only cooked for myself. even though i spent money on the book, i will eventually spend less on food, right? i specialize in the rationalize.

p.s. yesterday's post was pre-empted by change of venue for scary movie night, so i didn't have time to write it up before we left and when we got home, it was today already.

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Jeni Treehugger said...

Enjoy your cook book!