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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i know i live in california and we really don't know what a season is, but since we're just a few days from november, it could start to chill the heck out please? it's been 90's when i leave work and the lowest temp i saw for the week was 84, until last night my mom mentioned it might rain this weekend (pretty please!). i'll even take some high 70's, just no more 90's. i really want to use my oven and i don't like to cook late because i get kind of tired and afraid i'll mess up the recipe, or i worse, i will stay up later to eat it all because it smells so good.

for further disappointment, i just found out last night that my niece won't be in town for halloween. hello heartbroken. we always have her that night. her dad stops by to go trick-or-treating and the rest of the night is ours. this year it's on friday which is already "our" day, and it's "our" weekend as well so it was supposed to be total halloween fun time. but now he's picking her up friday morning to drive up to see her great grandma for her birthday, grrrr. no disrespect to the granny, she is getting on in years and doesn't see the awesome little grrrl often, so we can't be greedy. but to get effed out of one of a holiday and our weekend, still bums me out and the short notice is what is killing it even more.

p.s. i'm totally doing generic jack-o-lanterns now, no point in going all out this year.

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