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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

baking blitz (vegan mofo day 29)

after talking myself out of being totally lazy and still a bit sad, i was hellbent on doing some holiday baking. tonight i made susan v's double layer pumpkin cheesecake but since i only needed one cup of pumpkin and the can holds two, i also made isa and terry's pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes. there's no sense in being wasteful, right?

i was afraid i might not be able to pull off the double duty but i checked my ingredients and had everything at the ready, except for cupcake liners. i was short by about 8. i remembered i had a package in my room "somewhere". digging ensued and after a short while i did find the liners as well as the marine research cd i have been missing for months. i'm going to change my playlist and get through the rest of the week with some poppy and rockin' goodness. i've been shamefully unmotivated this week so i really need the boost. as soon as i got over my cold it was lady time!

cheesecake time will have to wait until tomorrow night. it will be tough, but i want to have a surprise treat for my niece. i wouldn't be a very good aunt if i offered her a slice from a half eaten pie. it's my first time with the recipe, but the few fingerfuls i scooped off of the food processor tasted great. not soon enough we will know for sure. since there is no cutting involved with cupcakes, i give them a bit longer to cool and i know i will claim at least two of them. sweet dreams!


Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

I love those heart pans! So cute!

k said...

thanks! i got them from the dollar store and decided to use them for the stragglers since i had just over a dozen cupcakes.