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Friday, October 31, 2008

worth the wait (weight?)

after dinner and after dishes, we finally tasted the double layer pumpkin cheesecake i made last night. all of the extra chill time really paid off and i definitely feel more confident about making pies/cheesecake now. my sister and her boyfriend both asked for seconds, yay! it's definitely a candidate for the thanksgiving menu since it can be done ahead.

i said i wasn't going to make a complicated pumpkin but this pattern i found on the internerd was tougher than it looked this morning. it's a lot of smaller cuts that are really close to one another. i learned from past mistakes and cut out the smaller inside details first. i wish it didn't take so long since i meant to carve two designs but the other will have to wait. here i am past bedtime again, i am afraid i might sleep through halloween if i don't sneak a nap in after work.


Kelly said...

I'm not sure what looks better the cheesecake or the carved pumpkin. Both turned out beautiful.

k said...

thanks. the pumpkin was thrown out yesterday, the cheesecake didn't have as much of a chance lasting only until saturday.