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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mark yr calendar

Shame on me for only making to the library in the middle of Banned Books Month, but I am early for Banned Books Week (9/27-10/4), so maybe it balances? I have the rad "i read banned books" tote bag from ALA, but I'm thinking a t-shirt might be in order for this year. I can't decide between ABFFE's shirt or ALA's. The "freadom" is kind of corny, but so am I. Maybe I should get both? I am picking up a few banned books to read in the next few weeks and next year I will do a better job of being a reading rebel.


e.b. said...

hmm I think you should make your own!
a least you got the matches.
memmer when you scored that rad bag from the nice dude at the book fair?
what was that quote again?

k said...

i probably should, then i think, what can beat the 'reading is radical' shirt i already have...challenge! i do have the matches, so best! three of the four banned books i checked out were on the table @ bp, aren't you proud? here is the quote, so much better to read the expanded version.