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Thursday, September 18, 2008

not one to mince words

more like onions and garlic and whatever else is on the board. it's time to call out all of the vm's in a few weeks for an unparalleled cooking/blogging/flickr-ing frenzy.

luckily, i put a few cookbooks on hold at the library yesterday and got two more for fifty cents from the friends of the library store. i am going to comb through all of the cookbooks i have and do not really use beyond a few ultimate favorites. i can be really boring sometimes and eat the same dish over and over because i love it so much. time to expand the menu, right?

the most fun about this is that i am totally the quiet fan girl/lurker reading about all of these people making such great food, but it's time to challenge myself even if it is only to reproduce their recipes. this is like vegan gang (vegang?) initiation of sorts. i got my knives, let's go mofo's!

p.s. i think i am 115th on the list, give or take!

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