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Monday, July 07, 2008

do over

so maybe when i wished for nothing to happen for my birthday, it came true. i decided to take some grown up responsibility and not whine about it anymore.

work was meh, no one really knew it was my birthday because i didn't tell them. the ones who did know were busy catching up from the long weekend and forgot for a while, i wasn't mad at 'em. i had a few omg emails when i woke up from my "two hour angry nap" -- wasn't really angry but it was about two hours. i just like to steal from arrested development whenever possible.

i woke up about ten minutes before everyone was due home and started getting ready. since i napped in lieu of laundering i didn't have too many options. good thing i took a chance on a $1.99 t-shirt at old navy a few weeks ago. i need to start wearing color again, clothes and lips, been safe for too long.

we had a quick bite at johnny rocket's (vegan boca) in the new shopping centre. they sang happy birthday to me and i didn't get surly when they asked my age. my niece wouldn't let me wear her paper hat but i did wear the very cute "awesome aunt" sticker badge that came with my birthday card. i got two t-shirts from h & m afterward, might go back from more when it's not as hot and i'm not as full of fries.

even though i took a huge nap, probably still a good idea to turn in early since i'm older now, haha.

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