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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


i finally got a few short sleeved or no sleeved tops this week. it is just too darn hot to worry about bye-bye arms and if you get the neckline right i don't think too many people will notice your arms anyway.

i haven't bought new tops in a long time so i had fun. i went to ross after work and stayed there for about two hours. i can't remember what all i bought but i know i had some steals in the mix. my best buy was my flip flops. i got a pair of simple's a year or two ago at whole foods and they were 50 dollars, give or take. today i got a new pair for $6.99, score! since i got so lucky there i bet i will not do as well trying to find some red shoes for the black and white dress i got.

i'm glad i got a few new things to cheer me up since i have to retire two of my favorite tops. i think one i have had for about three years and another for two. they have holes in odd places which won't mend nicely so they have to go, they had a good life and might be reincarnated as headbands.

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